employ streamers


That is why a lot of stupid and lazy people employ streamers to write a book for them, which they will only sign

with your name ??

Because they know what an ennoblement it is! But you don’t have to write a book to run your business. It is a huge mental effort and a test of willpower - I know something about with this.

It is easier to write small things.

But they must have a lot of power of expression to run your business, and customers to buy!

Tell me, what is an online business that is not online? It’s just looking, instead of being among customers, to show their strength before their eyes, where they spend hours a day?

The question for today is: are you writing or just signing? If you are too stupid to write content for your business, it’s ok, you have no other choice. If you are too lazy to write your content, then others They will run your business, the question is whether you want to do it there, Where do you want to go?

But is it true about you, or maybe you just don’t know, how to write with your own power of expression? You are able to learn how to write with your own power of expression within 74 minutes for a lower price, because it is cheaper until Friday. But this is not a course for the stupid or the lazy.

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