Ask for an offer

They changed “Ask for an offer” into “Ask for a quote”. This was not a random change, type: a, let’s change one word and see what happens.

The change resulted from the analysis of customers' expectations. Customers did not look for the offer on the website. They needed a valuation.

Matching the word to customers' expectations changed them reactions.

More people were buying.

I hope you’re wondering: chicken, and what do my customers to match their words? They certainly want different things. And this is where you can get lost, huh? So ask yourself a second question: what do they definitely do not want? And delete all the words that suggest it! I will tell you what I have observed.

Customers often want a new vision.

A new vision of their life. No problems that torment them…. … with all the things they want.

They want change, clear and lasting. Because they have their concerns. Maybe you haven’t been able to reach them yet, because you keep doing the same thing?

Maybe I convinced you to try something else?

The new one may be the method of the Selling Force, which today to

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