I relate this to the content.


You have to feed your customers' content without stopping. Because when you stop, they won’t just go there, where someone else will feed them! That’s why I created Social Media Hero - to be able to create Various sales content, not just for one hoof! Next year I am preparing another 3-year cycle, but this together from another side. The topic is still open, so today, maybe you can give me something will you sell?

For example, the idea of what I could prepare for you for this new year? What content do you want to keep receiving from me? I know, I ask you this from time to time, but not all of them yet They replied.

Maybe it was you?

Maybe it is you who eats up the guilt that Puzyrkiewicz so much he has asked for it many times, and you still sink it? And what will you make his life easier? Why should he find out what would be most useful for you, it will still do it and what then - you won’t have any excuses when you get exactly what you need

How will you explain then that you don’t achieve such effects as

do you want to? No, it is better to sit quietly and not write anything to Puzyrkiewicz. So wise, let him guess. It’s Christmas, let him read, think, and give everything on a tray, since such a cfaniac. Unless you are moved by your conscience that he writes for you every day, and you don’t even want to speak to people on Christmas Eve. by voice… If that is the case, write to him, he will be happy: What do you want him to write about in e-mails, articles (yes, he will Resurrection of the blog) and taught on courses? If an animal can speak today, the more you write, What?

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