Today everyone can shout whatever they want

Today everyone can shout whatever they want - “Turn right, turn right into Right”.


Write yes, write yes, it must be correct…"

And good people don’t know who to listen to. For 16 years I’ve been writing and teaching writing that helps to get clients.

It seems to me that if I have survived so much, I can bring your business upstairs.

I’m not going to teach you how to drive because they taught you that at school driving.

I just want to help you get to a slippery mountain.

One of the obvious tips for writers is yes: Write every day!

I advise it myself, because how to learn to write without writing?

It’s like reading about sex… …you imagine things, but until you do… You will experience, you really don’t know anything.

So many people follow this advice, write daily and… nothing.

  • They write more and… and then nothing.
  • They stop writing, it’s nothing…
  • Where is the error?

It is not about writing.

It’s about writing better and better. If someone just writes, without any change, they just fix their mistakes.

  • Writing is action.
  • Improvement is change.
  • And there is no change if you keep doing the same thing.

So the proposition for today is: do something different and watch consequences. One of my favorite examples is as old as the world. Veeam’s IT company has only changed on its website one word. The CTR to the inquiry form increased by 171.66%.

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