Completely different challenge.

Completely different challenge.

Let me give you an example. Last week I conducted an online training course “Strength”. A word in business". One of the things that I was smashing over and over again was this: BEFORE THE CLIENT read the text qualifies it as Spam, Bargain or Danger.

If you want him to start reading, you must show him the Danger or Opportunities, otherwise it will go away. I ask: do you understand? We understand. I ask you: do you know how to apply this? We do.

So I gave them homework, they were supposed to write after the training text and send it to me. The first person who did the homework started his text in this way: “This will be of interest to most people who are dealing with operational management in the company.” And how can you not get pissed off?

Where is the Threat or Opportunity?

There is no… Maybe it will cheer you up, maybe not, but it’s a common occurrence. I have a client who, for the time being, after one of the courses three He has improved the text many times and continues to fight. Every time he knew what was supposed to be there, but he didn’t he did.

So it is not about knowing what to write.

It’s about Writing.

In one of the scenes in Part II of the Matrix, there is a scene where Neo He is talking to the Oracle:

Neo: You know in advance, shall I take it? The Oracle: Otherwise I would be a poor oracle. N: Then I have no choice. W: When you come here, you have already made a choice. You just want know why. I thought you already understood that. It reminds me of the occasion of the promotion ending at 22:00 on the Soldier Force.

I do not know if you already have it or if you will take this course.

I have no power over you, nor do I foresee a future. But I do know something important.

You are here by choice.

You want to learn to exert more influence in words. Make more money, write more effectively, lose less work. time…

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