I don't have money.


When a customer says or thinks “I don’t have money”, always the question “but for what?

Because if you offer him something he really wants - the money will be found. And if it’s something that a customer always wanted to have, he’ll buy immediately.

You have two options if the customer does not buy because of the price. Sell him something else or sell him something “different”. Sell him something he wants. Either the other product, or show him what satisfies his desires.

See, let’s take our example.

It is rare that someone rarely rages buying courses from copywriting and just waiting for the opportunity. “Unfortunately, I don’t have the money, sorry to buy, but what to do…” A completely natural reaction.

But when it turns out that in 153 minutes he can learn how to a simple way to make customers curious,

interest and shopping ??

…it’s suddenly a lot of people talking: I’ve always wanted to be able to write like this! Maybe it doesn’t concern you, it doesn’t excite you to be able to release dopamine in the head of customers, then keep your money for porcelain.

No one has to sell more in such an easy way. Anyway, you should be discouraged by the fact that just watching the course will not make you a master of persuasion. That there is no magic there, because the strongest aphrodisiac

The marketing campaign turns out to be a simple word, only given in

an unusual way. So we will discuss that it is not for you and do not use these

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