JUST PLEASE - Before you sell anything,


Before you sell anything, one thing must happen. Because every customer has bundles like you. Maybe buy this, maybe buy that, maybe not buy anything and be still satisfied. However, before he buys, he must stop at your advertisement, post, e-mail, description, right? He will not buy anything on the run. So the art of copywriting is the art of stopping clients on the run. The art of gaining attention. We will need this very much in 2021. Because of the so-called pandemic, business is moving to Internet. It will be crowded like a train to Hel in summer. In order to squeeze in, you will have to enter through windows. And what will help you to do that? How to spice up your communication in 2021 to to gain customers' attention and consequently their money? There is such a thing. I remember one trip with my team:

A beautiful warm Sunday tempted more families…

So the first thing that awaited us was the queue to the checkouts. As the head of the family I took up this challenge personally. This is how I stand in line, I stand and suddenly I notice that there are three queues a four cash registers. And nobody goes to that fourth one. And you’re sitting there. I come up and ask: can I buy a ticket from you?

  • Of course, it’s money!
  • Then why is everyone standing in line?
  • And you know, here people always stand where other people are.

Oh… What does this have to do with attention?

The queue attracts attention !!!

Do you know the principle of drivers who eat on the road?

Stop where there are more cars, skip the bars with empty parking lot.

So, what is activity based work ? Employees want more autonomy, flexibility and the ability to choose when and where they work to fit with their lifestyle.

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