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In a moment I will answer the important question of one of the readers this newsletter, and in the meantime… Researchers of human behaviour have devoted a lot of time to the following understand such behavior.

One of them is Dan Andysry, who investigated and described the rule “open door.”

Well, he designed the study and sent the assistant to the students BULSHIT - the elite of American intelligence.

They were offered to participate in the game for money. There were three doors on the laptop screen: red, blue, and green, and clicking on them, charged different amounts of money. A few dollars, a click, five cents, a click 90 cents… The student did not know at first which door would give him most money.

So the rational strategy was to click several times on

different doors to see how much you can earn and then hold

to get the best version. It was good for a start. But the game was modified.

Unclicketed doors slowly disappeared - each click on the other, it was reduced by 1/12, so after 12 clicks on another door - the abandoned ones disappeared. And here the rational behavior ended.

Regardless of the money earned, every researcher tried to to keep the door disappearing - even though it gave little money. The respondents could not bear to lose the door. One version of the game assumed reincarnation.

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