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Now, by bringing it down to simple rules of operationyou can use it too.

The question is whether you want more followers, believers and clients? Is this the end of your business, you do not expect them to
It is never a good time to spend money, but always there is a good time to earn it.

Do you agree?

A long, long time ago, when American salesmen walked from home to home, such a story has happened. Zig ZIglar, one of the sales legends, just came into the house the woman he wanted to sell the stove to. He shows her all the advantages and how she will make the life of the housewife easier, and will further improve the quality of meals for the whole family. When she gives the price, the lady sadly states that she would very much She wanted to, but there is not so much money. Speaking our language - too expensive.

But Zig continues to talk.

At some point she mentions something about Chinese porcelain. The housewife suddenly wakes up, as if from a dream, opens her eyes wide and it starts to spin anxiously on the chair. Zig sees it and asks if he can bring and show? Before you can answer, he is already halfway to car.

It turned out that she always wanted to have Chinese porcelain. It was something for her. However, the porcelain turns out to be much more expensive than the stove, for which you have no money. So what does our housekeeper do? She buys porcelain!

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