Many Are Called

Once upon a time, in the mountains, or more precisely in Mini K2 version , it had such an enlightening event.

We went skiing with friends.

On the spot it turned out that you have to go up to the very top to Park under the house. Our friend who came with her sister had a problem with this drive up The wheels were sliding on the snow and she could not cope with it. I say: retreat to this place, where the snow is less compact and go slowly but surely.

She started to turn back well, but her sister started screaming: turn into right, turn right, and I say no, left, or you’ll fall in ditch! She started to listen to her sister and almost fell into a ditch. I say: why don’t you listen to me, your sister is not here experience and put you almost into a ditch. “I don’t know…” “Get out, I say, I’ll drive you in.” I straightened out the car and started to go back in the less beaten one. snow.

Her sister started screaming again: turn right, turn right into

I told her to keep quiet. I did my job, drove upstairs and put the car on parking space. This is an excellent illustration, which says what we often have to doing.

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