need your own company

Why do you need your own company

The founder is condemned to years of hours of work per day, including weekends Additional hours of worry and stress per day Occasional contact with wife and children Making difficult decisions without enough information Problems, without a break Loneliness And if the company collapses, you will lose your savings, reputation and - years of life Most people work full-time The chance for success In the U.S. the business plan is financed On financed:

Successful - Founders become millionaires go out on their own - Investor gets a return on capital, founders don’t banish anything, everyone loses:

An unproven product of the service a - customers are afraid to buy Lack of money - cannot afford to finance the activities that are taught in business schools Frequently, an unproven market has to “shape” the customers Lack of brand → lack of customers Lack of experience on the market Do not know what works and what does not Lack of people more work than employees Nobody wants to help “first show that it is important for your company to deal with” The main advantages:
Great people better than in big companies - Skills, diligence, speed of operation, “Orilla Tactics” involvement - the company acts as a landing platoon

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