MONEY do not reach me. Absolutely.

Not because these products do not reach me. Absolutely.

They just do, and very much so.

But I was always afraid that if I buy something, it’s after these courses I’ll be such a great copywriter that I can’t do it.

You will ask: “Patricia, what’s changed that you bought? You’ve already

aren’t you afraid that you will succeed?”. I am not afraid! I don’t give a shit if someone makes fun of me, says that:

And on the Polish one… or he will shout on Instagram that what

  • I’m writing, it’s some kind of a washout.
  • I know that I can write. I’ve been copying for 6 years and I finally want
  • this success! And I am very anxious that someone will benefit from these skills and earned coconuts on his products and services.

I also stopped being a good writer, who is taught by others.


“copy teachers.”

I always liked to tell stories, emotions and releasing the eyelet to the recipient. But nobody told me that it was possible and I stayed away from the one from afar.

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