potential client


A potential client is like a potential rapist. Any guy can be a potential rapist… Does that mean everyone has to be shut down immediately? I hope you deny it, because I’d be afraid for my fate… But does the fact that everyone can be a potential client mean.., that we should treat everyone like this?


I wrote you about it yesterday. Because if, for example, you write sales e-mails or landing pages page and you will start writing in them to non-clients their strength Sales will melt in the mist of umizia to non-customers. In short, if you write to these two types at once, nothing

You don’t do well and you know that you will sell less.

My advice: if you’re selling, go ahead and don’t worry. non-customers. In one of my trainings I discuss a conversation on a fakebook with a person “interested” in a copywriting course. Justin did not want to buy, he was only “interested”. What could I offer and of course for how much :)

Yeah, for such people the price is very important, actually

most important. To decide not to buy “for now”. Or to say that they do not need it :)

Under the influence of our conversation on Messenger the next day paid the subscription to the NSC, although he did not originally intend to do so to do that.

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