Yes, it is. I studied psychopathology.

Yes, it is. I studied psychopathology."

“What do you advise?” - asks Phil with hope in his voice. “The next meeting! Maybe tomorrow…?”

Phil covers himself with a pillow and hits it powerlessly with his hands.

“Doesn’t fit…?” When tomorrow’s not here, everything gets complicated. But except for the person who’s stuck on the Day of the Piglet, nobody does. he sees.

I suggest you take an interest in your client.

He has his Swistle Day. And nobody understands it.

If you don’t start sending him to a psychiatrist, you’ll just show your understanding, you have a chance to enter his world and go Get it out of there. But not like Ned, who is trying to squeeze the policy into Phil insurance.

“I sell insurance. You have a life insurance policy? If so, you can protect yourself! Right, right?”

Rather than pressing an insurance policy, it’s better to help the customer to leave his betting investor day.

Not like a psychiatrist or a doctor. Not like a life insurance salesman.

Like Perseus, who beat Medusa. Medusa, the most terrifying of the Gorgon sisters with sight turned people into stone.

That is why Perseus approached her with his back, using his

A polished shield as a mirror.

If he stood with it eye to eye, it would turn into a stone, like

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