Sales like me

A perfect example from yesterday.

Well, I placed an advertisement on a phonebook about selling columns speakers. I gave a good price because I want to sell quickly. The speakers are four months old, they are in perfect condition and Of course, I wrote about it in the ad. Do you know what was the most common question about them on Messenger?

Ask Yourself also - “Are they all right?”

And also suspicious comments on the audiophile group: “and I’m wondering why someone is selling them after 4 months of use?” Welcome to Portugal ! . Lands of suspicion and slander. Here, if something is too good, the heyte will immediately wake up. So you have to add a spice that will soften it. Just show the other side of the medal. Some flaw, weakness, deficiency, something we usually try to hide.

I remember when I read the description of the effectiveness test of the message from

With and without a “flaw”, I was surprised by the results.

Because it turned out that adding some small defect to the description It makes it more credible.

I explained it to myself in this way: Somehow we find it hard to believe that something can be an idea

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