Buggy Buggy - answering focus


One of the solutions to this problem is 5-minute writing. You set your watch for 5 minutes. And then you only do 2 things:

  1. you answer each of the 6 very much in one sentence, but this very simple questions.
  1. After answering each of them you add everything that comes to your mind. What do you have after 5 minutes of such work?


You create a specific frame for the text plus related thoughts and paintings.

Most importantly, you have content focused only on sales!

5 minutes is not enough fucking time. You know you have to focus only on what is most important. The pressure of time forces your mind to mobilize momentarily. This is ideal for beginners. They know what needs to be in the text and obediently write it. so

What next? You develop these thoughts into sentences. You do not write anything new, so the content is focused on sales, without unnecessary digressions! Then you just edit the text, following the sequence of questions and Done. If you need something longer, you develop thoughts from the text, by adding images, examples, explanations and situations from life client. If you do it according to my instructions, you will write the best

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