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This question at the beginning of this message is in the style of “Is it to pick up women I have to be a brazen asshole?”

If, in my own words, I have made it clear that you have to have 3- from a Pole to be a good sales man, then I’ll bark it off. I think that for people with a lot of knowledge about the subject is just It is more difficult, because they see the world differently. They have too much to lose. They are very attached to their knowledge. These people. To this day I still remember what one of my participants did it

Since the morning I was talking about just writing to people and talking about

normal life situations and strong emotions. Less about product. It seemed obvious to me. But later, at dinner, if I remember correctly, he tells me: This it works! Wojtek wasn’t convinced by this method and decided to use it right away check.

He tells me he called 3 clients, talking to them in

The way I talked about, referring to strong emotions.

It works!

The only way to change beliefs permanently is to act. And here, the Polish language teacher will be out, because he will watch out while writing and This can block it for effective texts. It’s even worse with philosophers, but I’ll forgive you today

Surely you have some smaller or bigger challenge. And something to lose that is holding you back.

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