Team and your idea

Choose your team The team members complement each other with knowledge and skills -

The team of defenders and attackers alone will not win - The main functions of the company must be filled -

Sales, product/engineer, Management - In the U.S., 2 -3 key people are the standard Fixed game rules - Who will be the president and what powers will he have - How will the president be changed -

How will the president be changed - How will the climb go - most go before or after 19 Is your idea good What need (customer) do you want to satisfy?

There is no need - there is no market because nothing motivates the customer to buy How to identify needs? -

Customers are already buying something similar - Current offers are weak (expensive, inconvenient, do not meet needs) Is your product unique? -

If not, why should the customer buy it? - You don’t need an invention or a patent -

A beauty salon in a new housing estate because there is no such thing around -

Taking dogs for walks because the owners work

  • Not everything unique will work
  • Ordering lunch on the Internet
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