Want to Persuade


How did this happen? Well, I brought our conversation down to shopping topics. It was sometimes funny when he ran away from confrontation with purchase :)

It squeaks like a squeal to avoid the decision to buy.

But my questions did their job and bought it. I’m just warning you that this does not always happen, so it happens for

don’t screw it up very much.

I have been practicing this for many years and I have an unfair advantage.

So why am I writing you about it now? Because I want to persuade you to keep focusing on sales in every moment of your action.

This does not mean that you have to put everyone against the wall and

to persuade you to buy - on the contrary. Simply write ONLY about what interests buyers, not “interested”. The latter may be discouraged because they are only “interested, but the first leads to the purchase. Here, there is often a super-supervision, so as not to discourage people, because everyone is a potential customer. Yes, just as every guy is a potential rapist. As the Bible says: many are called, but few are chosen. Just because he has opportunities doesn’t mean he will take advantage of them. You can run around with such an “interested party”, swallow, blow (no associations please), but you don’t have any guarantee that this person will buy. None. Even if he lets you go…

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