Envy is therefore not about simply having things


Envy is therefore not about simply having things, but fears against the background of self-esteem. A jealous man after he just feels worse, and the desired thing is to complement his shortcomings. We look at others, at their achievements, at their possessions, relationships, position and thought to ourselves: how did he achieve this? In what is better than me that he has something that I don’t have? Why he will manage to do what I can’t do? If only I had this “something…”

So I think it will be clear when the desire of such a person I will summarize as a desire to appropriate something about her shouldn’t you? And this immediately directs the text to the “fruits good to eat, pleasing to the eyes and worthy of desire for to gain wisdom”. You tell your client straightforwardly: people who do you admire are not so special - they have only something that makes them so special and you can have it too! See how much it changes. This kind of message takes the whole feeling guilty that he is not the person he should be, that his the effort would be fruitless anyway, because it lacks this one the secret thing. And with her, everything happens by itself! She will receive . undeserved access to new knowledge and experience that they will immediately turn him into someone better.

It’s like falling after…. CDN !

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