I am not doing it at all. - why no


But today I am not doing it at all.

I can’t scare you that without the Force of Sale in your

The text will be missing a critical element, which stimulates customers to buy. And if I don’t do it, this whole e-mail will suck… I won’t show up to you as a brilliant copywriter who, like a sleeve is putting words out for sale. You might even think: This Puzyrkiewicz is an ordinary asshole.

Pseudo-guru who can’t really do anything.

See, it turns out that there is a lot of fear in me too… I guess everyone feels some form of fear, but you just need to get there.

But for this you need openness and courage instead of hiding your head into the sand.

Sometimes when you start writing, nothing comes to mind. Nothing sensible, because any words always revolve around heads. But after a while a thought appears, and when you develop it, a quite reasonable text appears.

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